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Committee details

Committee details


Purpose of committee

The Council comprises 38 Members and exercises the following functions:-


·           Adoption of the Constitution and any subsequent changes to it

·           Formulating, approving and adopting the Policy Framework and the Budget

·           Agreeing and/or amending the Terms of Reference for Committees, deciding on their composition and making appointments to them

·           Determining matters which have been called in by a Scrutiny Committee and where the recommendation of a Scrutiny Committee is not accepted by the Policy Committee

·           Considering Motions submitted by Councillors

·           Considering recommendations from the Scrutiny Committees and from the Policy Committees in respect of new policy initiatives

·           Considering the electoral arrangements of a Parish including any change of name

·           Electing the Mayor and appointing the new Deputy Mayor annually

·           Agreeing and/or amending the Work Programme proposed by the Scrutiny Committees including deciding upon the Best Value Service Review priorities

·           Appointing Councillors to be representatives of the Council on outside bodies unless the appointment has been delegated by the Council

·           Adopting a scheme of Members' allowances

·           Changing the name of the Borough

·           Conferring the title of Honorary Alderman/Freeman

·           Confirming the appointment of the Head of Paid Service and Chief Officers

·           Determining any delegation to Officers which does not fall within the purview of any Committee

·           Making, amending, revoking, re-enacting or adopting byelaws and promoting or opposing the making of local legislation or personal bills

·           Facilitating opportunities for voicing the concerns of the local community and adopting a community leadership role, promoting the "social, economic and environmental well being" of the area; and


All other matters that by law must be reserved to the Council



Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services Tel: 01684 272021. Email: