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This page lists the meetings for Council.

Please note that from 14 May 2020, unless otherwise stated, public meetings will take place remotely, with members of the public being able to "attend" via the link provided for that Committee under the date of the meeting.

In the event of any apparent failure of the technology being used for a virtual meeting and consequentially the live streaming of the public meeting fails, the meeting will either be adjourned until such time as it is re-established, or closed and the remaining business transacted at a later date.

Information about Council

The full Council comprises of 38 Members and exercises the following functions:-


·           Adoption of the Constitution and any subsequent changes to it

·           Formulating, approving and adopting the Policy Framework and the Budget

·           Agreeing and/or amending the Terms of Reference for Committees, deciding on their composition and making appointments to them

·           Determining matters which have been called in by a Scrutiny Committee and where the recommendation of a Scrutiny Committee is not accepted by the Policy Committee

·           Considering Motions submitted by Councillors

·           Considering recommendations from the Scrutiny Committees and from the Policy Committees in respect of new policy initiatives

·           Considering the electoral arrangements of a Parish including any change of name

·           Electing the Mayor and appointing the new Deputy Mayor annually

·           Agreeing and/or amending the Work Programme proposed by the Scrutiny Committees including deciding upon the Best Value Service Review priorities

·           Appointing Councillors to be representatives of the Council on outside bodies unless the appointment has been delegated by the Council

·           Adopting a scheme of Members' allowances

·           Changing the name of the Borough

·           Conferring the title of Honorary Alderman/Freeman

·           Confirming the appointment of the Head of Paid Service and Chief Officers

·           Determining any delegation to Officers which does not fall within the purview of any Committee

·           Making, amending, revoking, re-enacting or adopting byelaws and promoting or opposing the making of local legislation or personal bills

·           Facilitating opportunities for voicing the concerns of the local community and adopting a community leadership role, promoting the "social, economic and environmental well being" of the area; and


All other matters that by law must be reserved to the Council