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Rethink JCS for Climate Emergency

We the undersigned petition the council to completely review the JCS. The JCS was proposed at a time when little was known about the climate emergency and now it is fairly obvious any further development on greenfield sites is not an option, we in Gloucestershire need to make our small contribution to save the planet. We petition the council to redraw plans such that enough land is marked for re-development within urban areas to provide good quality homes, schools, cyber parks, employment and recreational areas. We petition the council to redress climate change by replanting woodlands and hedgerows on fields. We petition the council to make the areas marked for development under the JCS to be made into areas where people can enjoy the countryside with cycle paths and walkways. We petition the council to call the new woodland areas, which will be there for centuries for all to enjoy, the QEII Forest Park in recognition of Her Majesty’s contribution in highlighting climate change.

We envisage this area to remain this generation’s Gloucestershire gift and legacy for future generations to enjoy. A reminder of how we came back from the brink of ecocide.
Instead of building on green fields, the petition is there to force a rethink in the TBC/CBC/GCC policies on the environment.
We need new environmentally friendly ways of connecting the town centre with the open countryside so people can enjoy fresh air. Building on greenfield sites reduces the countryside and makes the countryside less accessible to people living in the town. If the current greenfield sites is not required for farming then it should be allowed to go back to nature with trails for people to walk, run, cycle and ride along.

This ePetition ran from 08/11/2021 to 31/07/2022 and has now finished.

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