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Committee attendance

Overview and Scrutiny, 4 meetings
Member Attendances
Councillor Pauline Godwin 4
Councillor Heather McLain 3
Councillor Philip Workman 3
Councillor Craig Carter 4
Councillor Cate Cody 1
Councillor Mark Williams 3
Councillor Charlotte Mills 3
Councillor Nigel Adcock 3
Councillor Cheryl Agg 3
Councillor Hilarie Bowman 3
Councillor Thomas Budge 1
Councillor Matt Dimond-Brown 3
Councillor Alex Hegenbarth 1
Councillor Gemma Madle 4
Councillor George Porter 3
Councillor Liz Skelt 4
Councillor Ian Yates 4