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Council Plan Performance Tracker and COVID-19 Recovery Tracker - Quarter One 2021/22

To receive and respond to the findings of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee‘s review of the quarter one performance management and recovery information. 

Subject To Call In::No - Item to Note.


That the findings of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s review of the quarter one performance management and recovery information be NOTED.  


45.1          The report of the Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, circulated at Pages No. 16-100, asked Members to review and, if appropriate, take action on the observations of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee following its review of the Quarter One 2021/22 Council Plan performance tracker and COVID-19 recovery tracker information.

45.2          The Head of Corporate Services explained that the review of the performance information at the Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting had been succinct as the report was quite positive with the key successful activities being set out at Page No. 25 of the report which included: the agreement of new leases for various properties within the commercial property portfolio; the Growth Hub had delivered 13 events to date and was on target to meet the 50 workshops/events target; Gloucestershire County Council had announced its preferred design for the proposed upgrade to the M5 all-ways Junction 10; the first promotion event under the Tewkesbury High Street Heritage Action Zone had taken place; work on the new Housing Strategy had commenced; capital grants of £107,000 had been awarded to help improve community facilities; the new bulky waste service had been successfully implemented; new recruitment microsite and an automated recruitment tracker system had been implemented; the preferred development partner had been selected to assist with the Golden Valley Garden community; the specification for the new heating system had been developed and was out to tender; year two of the Carbon Reduction action plan was approved by Executive Committee; and a small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) scheme had been implemented.

45.3          In terms of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) this was only quarter one so it was likely that real performance would be shown in the next quarter report. Pages No. 25 and 26, showed a number of un-smiley faces around the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) timetable; the Overview and Scrutiny Committee had raised this issue and asked for a report on the JCS so Members could get an idea of the current position and the future roadmap – it had been agreed that Members generally needed to gain a greater understanding of the JCS process and the recent all-Member seminar had been held to address that instead of a report to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. There had also been queries about the Planning Performance Indicators as the direction of travel was not very good and Members had been advised that the planning service review was being undertaken and the Committee was awaiting the action plan to see how the new monitoring would take place. The outcome of the review would go to the Transform Working Group the following week. Linked to that, there had been a conversation about planning enforcement and the feeling that there was a lack of communications to Members and Parishes– it had been discussed that the planning enforcement team did a lot of good work but it often did not get out into the public domain and it had been agreed that the team would meet to see how the communications of the service could be improved. There was currently a vacancy in the team and the Head of Development Services explained that this was going out to advert but, in terms of the point of contact for Parishes, that remained the Senior Enforcement Officer.

45.4          Accordingly, it was

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