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This page lists the meetings for Planning.

Please note that from 14 May 2020, unless otherwise stated, public meetings will take place remotely, with members of the public being able to "attend" via the link provided for that Committee under the date of the meeting.

In the event of any apparent failure of the technology being used for a virtual meeting and consequentially the live streaming of the public meeting fails, the meeting will either be adjourned until such time as it is re-established, or closed and the remaining business transacted at a later date.

Information about Planning

To exercise all powers and duties of the Council on the following matters:

·        development control and appeals (including development briefs, where appropriate)

·        enforcement of planning control

·        building preservation, listed building and conservation areas

·        making of tree preservation orders

·        hedgerow protection

·        control of advertisements

·        footpath orders.

 To make representations/objections to applications for heavy goods operators licences in accordance with appropriate legislation. To comment on development related applications submitted by and to other local authorities upon which the Council is invited to comment.

The Planning Committee normally meets on every third Tuesday of the month, at 10.00 a.m. in the Severn room at Tewkesbury Borough Council Offices to consider applications for planning permission and other matters as shown under the Committee’s Terms of Reference.

Meetings of the Planning Committee are open to the public. Copies of the Agenda for the meeting are available for inspection in the public gallery.

In addition to the written reports given with recommendations, a schedule of consultation replies and representations received after the report was prepared will be available at the meeting and further oral reports may be made as appropriate during the meeting. 


At its meeting on 17 May 2016, the Council resolved that the Scheme for Public Participation at Planning Committee be confirmed as a permanent arrangement following a one year trial period.  Details of the scheme and how to register can be found in our information leaflet.